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Products > EP series split core > > EP-508 series current transformer
Product name : EP-508 series current transformer
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Detailed Product Description
1. Polycarbonated case,
2. Imported silocon core,
3. Cross checked parameters,
4. CE/Type Tested.
EP Series split core current transformer.
1. All the cases are made of polycarbonated materials, not ABS material case,
    so the temperature endurence is much higher;
2. All the cores are made of imported highest quality silicon iron sheet,
    so the core's magnetic performance is much higher;
3. All the parameters are double cross-checked, so the testing results is much ensured!
Standard adopted: IEC44-1, BS7626;
Primary current: 5~3000A;
Secondary current:  0.333V or 0~100mA;
Accuracy class: 1.0;
Maxi-voltage: 0.72kV/3KV;
Frenquency: 50/60Hz;
Short time thermal current: Ith=100xIn;
Security coefficient: FS<5

Technical Date:


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